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Remote Product Designer from Niagara Falls, Canada, crafting human-centred user interface and experience design.


Know users' pain points well enough through research, interviews and translate them into design solutions.


Continuously thinking of ways of innovating the product with improvements and features.


Ensures design and processes are fluid with the Product Team involving UX, UI, and Development.


I understand users' problems, develop and implement design solutions and decisions based on user research and business strategy.

UI / UX Design

I specialize in designing brands, web and mobile applications, user interfaces, and design systems using design principles to bring clarity, harmony and balance to your business goals.

Web Design

I design modern, responsive, conversion-focused, user-friendly websites and applications using best practices in interaction design between your product and users.

Telo Santos

I'm a passionate, goal-oriented product designer who serves a pragmatic function. Design is part of my life, and I look at things systematically with a touch of style. I have experience working alongside developers, fellow designers, managers, users, testers, stakeholders and am open to evolution. I learn new things and adapt to change every design task.

I had done product design for the healthcare industry, cancer software development, insurance services, experiential design companies, SaaS tech companies, data extraction products, small to large scale businesses, start-ups, not-for-profit organizations, artists, and musicians.


Utilizing Interaction Design Foundation's non-linear Design Thinking methodology identifies and solves complex problems.


Conduct and participate in experts interview to observe and document problems experienced by users and their business by analyzing and breaking down complex problems into smaller, easier-to-understand elements.


Proactive in analyzing and defining problem statements. Methods such as empathy mapping, collating observations, user needs and insights, how might we questions are synthesized to solve your design challenge.


Active in brainstorming ideas, using creativity and discovery to develop solutions — storyboard, lightning demos, user test flows, test ideas to spark better ideas.


Design solutions presented in interactive prototypes to engage stakeholders and user testing for a higher level of validation and further improvements.


Conduct user tests by learning opportunities to help you learn more about your users and refine your product, and to achieve the end goal of desirability, feasibility and viability.

I'll work with you to understand and determine your problem statement in human-centric ways, generate ideas, validate and refine those ideas for further improvements and solve complex problems based on how your users think, feel, and behave.Telo Santos
Proud alumnus of the following top schools
telo santos sheridan college graduate telo santos humber college graduate telo santos george brown college graduate telo santos red academy graduate telo santos hackeryou student


My creativity, technical ability, collaboration, and open-mindedness prove to be successful. To request a full demo, please email telo@ofsdesigndev.com

Having gained knowledge in Industrial Design, Architecture and solid working experience in Graphic Design, UI Design, Web Design and Development, my creativity and technical specialty are proven to be successful.


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